Welcome to this intuitive presentation of flower and vibrational essences tailored to the Pisces New Moon. Here, Sara Estelle explores how these essences, even without the physical bottles, can tune our energy frequencies and support us during turbulent times.

The discussion begins by diving into the expansive and empathic Pisces energy. Sara presents Fringed Violet as a brilliant tool to support overly porous energy systems, helping us discern between our energy and the energy we encounter in the world. Then, she introduces Red Clover from the Flower Essence Services, a perfect essence to help stay calm amidst fear and anxiety.

Rock Rose, another essence discussed, is useful for individuals with Pisces energy. It eases anxieties and fosters courage and resilience in times of stress. Three more essences brought to the forefront are Cattail Pollen, which invokes courage and resilience, Sundew which helps with grounding and focusing, and Moonstone, an essence that combats energetic overwhelm.

Lavender, famous for calming and soothing properties is also discussed, along with Iris – an essence that invokes creativity, a hallmark trait of Pisces energy.

These essences can help nourish and nurture our energy systems in these trying times and guide individuals seeking to be leading experts in the field of Flower and Vibrational essences. Discover more about Sara’s work at http://www.saraestelle.com.

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