Rise Healer Rise Podcast

with Sara Estellle

Rise Healer Rise is the incarnation of Sara Estelle Turner’s long-running podcast hosted for healers globally. The purpose of the podcast is to empower those who wish to connect more deeply with nature with themselves, and with like-minded spirits and magical healers.

Rise Healer Rise Podcast Host Sara Estelle


Rise Healer Rise 1: Awakening the Healer Within – Embracing Nature’s Wisdom

Welcome to the first episode of the ‘Rise, Healer, Rise’ podcast where we seek to awaken the healer within each one of us and embrace the wisdom of nature. I am Sara Estelle, your guide through this transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerme…

Rise Healer Rise 52: Boosting Vibrational Energy with Flower and Gem Essences

Welcome to this intuitive presentation of flower and vibrational essences tailored to the Pisces New Moon. Here, Sara Estelle explores how these essences, even without the physical bottles, can tune our energy frequencies and support us during turbul…

Rise Healer Rise 51: Flower and Vibrational Essences for Gemini Energies

This topic will be useful for you if you have strong Gemini energies yourself, or for anyone as we head into a New Moon in Gemini.
Would you like to become an abundant, successful, magical, Empowered Healer?
Visit https://www.saraestelle.com/ t…

Rise Healer Rise 50: Make Your Life a Prayer – Practising the Art of Sacred Devotion. With Patricia Russo, of ‘The Hell Yes Life’

“Make your Life a Prayer” with Sara Estelle and Patricia Russo of The Hell Yes Life about Practising the Art of Sacred Devotion.
What a beautiful conversation about devotion, how to “alter” your reality by creating a sacred altar and simple ways to b…

Rise Healer Rise 49: Penny’s Flower Essence Journey and the Art of True Conscious Self Care

Penny Swan had been taking flower essences for around 30 years when she decided in 2016 to train to be a professional Flower Essence Practitioner with Essentially Flowers.

Coming on our Diploma helped Penny begin to trust her intuition and go deep…

Rise Healer Rise 48: Kelly-Ann’s Flower Story – From Dreams to Reality with nature by her side

Kelly-Ann is an experienced therapist and teacher of many healing modalities and the Founder of Argentine and Aeracura Essences. She is also a Graduate of the Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences.
Kelly-Ann lives in Argentin…

Rise Healer Rise 47: How Maria’s Flower Essence Journey opened her intuition, grew her confidence and allowed her to share her passion more widely

Maria Doherty is an Occupational Therapist specialising in children and is a Graduate of the Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences.
Maria had already studied the Bach Essences when she joined the Essentially Flowers Diploma a…

Rise Healer Rise 46: Helen Elizabeth’s Flower Essence Story – How journeying with Flower Essences took her from deep tiredness to Awakening her Own Divine Blueprint and beyond

Helen Elizabeth Griffiths is an educationalist and an expert in women’s health and is a Graduate of the Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences.
Although Helen had taken essences before, when she began the Diploma she was tired…

Rise Healer Rise 45: Flower Essences for the Front Line

Jan Coulson, Sacred Rising group member and Graduate of the Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences, and I had a chat about the flower essences she has been using to help keep her feeling safe and confident whilst working as a …

Rise Healer Rise 44: Raise the Volume of your Inner Whisper with Cristiana Blasutta and Sara Estelle

Cristiana Blasutta is an international Life and Health Coach. Through her work she’s helped hundreds of people to find “an inner voice of wisdom” that leads anyone to find their mission in this lifetime.
Cristiana received her training from the CTA (…

Your Host, Sara Estelle

In my early 40s, life presented me with some dark years—severe anxiety, a heart-breaking miscarriage, and a call to step beyond the familiar into the unknown. 

It was nature that sought me out in my deep unhappiness, and I became a Flower Essence Practitioner championing essence ranges from around the world. I also birthed my own range – MoonFlower Essences. This profound encounter with nature’s wisdom catalysed a transformation so deep that it became my life’s mission to guide others out of confusion and towards their innate potential. I’ve learned to weave the threads of business with the art of life-changing support direct from the heart of nature.

And I went on to birth the Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences, the Star of Gaia Priestess Process and the Elemental Alchemy Business Academy.

Inspired by the beauty of our Earth and fuelled by the boundless potential for transformation within us all, I am here to empower you to unfold into your most magical and impactful self


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