Join Sara Estelle in the latest Nature Connections show as she speaks to Casey Jon about her passion to Be the Voice of the Animals and her range of WildHeart Animal Essences.

Casey Jon has been working with flower and vibrational essences for over seven years, and is registered as a Flower Essence Tutor and Advanced Practitioner with the Bfvea. She is also a member of BAFEP, and teaches as part of the Chalice Well Gardens Essence Team on its Flower Essence Practitioner Training course. For the past several years she was an integral part of Wild Medicine Essences. Casey is an animal loving essence practitioner and producer living on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor. She finds the wild and elemental nature of the Tor and its landscape deeply nourishing, a place where she can listen to the owls at night and watch the badgers, foxes, bats and deer that inhabit her garden, reminding her of her own innate wildness. It was this wildness that inspired her to create the Wildheart Animal Essences, to let the animals have a voice. She lives there with her husband and three cats.

Casey and Sara Estelle talk about the Wildheart Animal Essence range.These Essences have been co-created by Casey to give our native wild animals a voice to speak out, a way to be heard and to connect with us through healing. The essences began with connecting to the animals and co -creatively working with them to help heal our wild wound and to let them speak showing us how to do that, the wild wound is that, which stops us connecting with nature and our beloved mother earth. Also when connecting with the wild animals, people make a personal connection with them and begin to care and understand

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